Hands-on Rammed Earth Workshops

Learn How to Build with Rammed Earth

Get hands-on experience at our 2-day Rammed Earth workshops. And learn the essential skills and techniques needed for building with Rammed Earth.

You’ll learn all about:

The workshop format gives you plenty of time on the tools. And you’ll experience working on real-world projects.

Tickets: $600 – $640. Buy tickets.

Workshop Size: Only 6 places available at each workshop.

When: Workshops run in Spring and Autumn. View dates.


Day 1 – Arrive at 9 am for 9.30 am start / 4.00 pm finish
Day 2 – Arrive at 9 am for 9.30 am start / 4.30 pm finish +/-

Meals: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied on both days.

Location: Beechworth – Victoria – View map and get directions.

Accommodation: There are plenty of places to stay nearby:

Workshop Format

Day One

First up, its all about soil:

  • What types of soils are suitable for rammed earth
  • We look at different rammed earth soil samples
  • We go over how to read soil reports and what to look for
  • Then, where to source soils
  • How to test – quick DIY tests and lab tests
  • Delivery and storage

– grading with sieves and jar-tests

Then some more hands-on time:

– practising with the pneumatic rammer
– an introduction to the mixing process – we make some decorative miniatures that you get to keep

Next, it’s about formwork:

  • We look at the different types of formwork
  • And go over the pros and cons of each one
  • Which type will be best for your build
  • Then we look at making affordable formwork
  • Setting up and stripping formwork

– setting up formwork for test blocks

The next stage is the mixing process:

  • What makes up the rammed earth mix
  • How to work out mix ratios
  • Getting the moisture content right
  • Working with water-repellent admixtures
  • How to adjust for hot weather

– preparing mixes for test blocks

Then we get to ramming:

  • Learn about pneumatic rammers
  • Proper ramming technique
  • The different ramming patterns

– ramming test cylinders for compaction testing
– ramming test block to determine the optimal finish/cement ratio
– ramming test block to determine the optimal lift depth
– ramming test block to compare the difference in moisture content
– learning how to finish off the tops of walls

Then more setting up, mixing and ramming until the end of the day:

  • Then you’ll pair up. And set-up formwork for retaining wall blocks. Then make mixes, ram and practice finishing the tops.

– set-up formwork for retaining wall blocks
– prepare mixes
– ram retaining wall blocks
– finish tops
– Clean-up

That concludes Day One. See the format for Day Two

"Excellent course, well delivered. I feel I have gained a good understanding of Rammed Earth and I'm keen to get started on my new house."
Richard Hubbard
Richard Hubbard
Owner Builder
"Comprehensive and hands-on. Accessible and relevant. Great for beginners, owner builders and tradies."
Tegan Daly
Kegan Daly
Of the Earth Permaculture

Workshop Format

Day Two

We start day two going over the equipment you’ll need:

  • A list of all the gear
  • Where to source it
  • Costs
  • Second-hand options

Then we check our work from day one:

– Strip formwork from the 
decorative miniatures
– Strip formwork from the test blocks

  • How to select the optimal finish and lift depth

– Stripping the retaining wall blocks

– Clean-up

Next, we cover scaling-up to build your own house:

  • Commercial equipment
  • Costs
  • Second-hand options
  • Engineering requirements
  • Building Standards

Then it’s all hands-on for the rest of the day:

  • You’ll be building peer walls for a plant-covered walk
  • We do the mixing, so you get more time ramming

– set-up formwork for the first set of walls
– ram walls
– finish tops
– set-up formwork for the second set of walls
– ram walls
– finish tops

That wraps up two very full days of working with Rammed Earth. 

But it doesn’t end there. We’ll keep in touch. We’re always available to answer any questions via email or phone.

Also as a workshop participant, Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems Pty. Ltd. – Head office, offer a 10% discount on purchases of Tech-Dry’s Plasticure for your Rammed Earth build.  Plasticure is Tech-Dry’s innovative water repellent admixture for producing water and salt resistant rammed earth construction.  For further information please email info@techdry.com.au.

Meet Your Instructor

Pete Jackman is passionate about building with Rammed Earth. Note: he’s building his own Rammed Earth house.

Pete has used his training design experience to develop this comprehensive workshop. With each stage progressing your skills and confidence towards building your Rammed Earth projects.

“I look forward to meeting you. And it will be my pleasure to help you with your Rammed Earth journey.”

Get in touch with Pete – 0407 729 716

"Pete knows his stuff! He shares his knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. And leads you through every stage of the Rammed Earth building process."
Dave Newton
Sustainable Building